Hi !! My name is Koichi Tanaka. I’m a travel blogger, traveling around the world. My hobbies are drone, triathlon, and surfing. Wanderer who likes seas. I’m traveling around the world with drone ( DJI Phantom4 ) and bike ( SPECIALIZED ). I’ll introduce my works, achievement, hobbies, and so on.

I’m from Kobe, Japan

I was born in Kobe City, Hyogo, Kansai area, Japan. Kobe is next to Osaka. I had lived there until 24 years old. So I know about Kobe very much. If you want to know about Kobe, feel free to message please.

Real Estate Sales Person

I got a job as a real estate sales person after graduating from University school. The job was to sell family apartment. I worked in some cities (Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Kobe) for 5 years. The job was very hard. First year, half of 30 colleague quit company because of pressure of boss or hard work. But in my case, fortunately I could work for about 5 years totally. But I got tired of working as a sales man of condominium. So I stopped  my sales life.

Medical Representative

I changed my job from Sales person to Medical Representative. I joined American pharmaceutical company. I worked in Oita and Fukuoka, Kyushu area, Japan. That job was very interesting for me at first I found it very difficult but eventually I liked it compared to my previous job as a real estate sales person. I explained about an anti-cancer medicine of my company everyday in any different hospitals. Luckily I got No.1 sales award in 2nd year. So I traveled in France, Monaco, and USA for free as a incentive trip. Those were so nice experiments. I worked for 4 year and half. But I stopped this job to achieve my dream to be Digital Nomad( virtual freelancer ) while traveling around the world.

Challenge to be Web Designer

I started learning Web design skills (html, css, wordpress, illustrator, photoshop, etc) after quitting my job. The first it was very difficult to understand those knowledge. But I did my best to continue learning those skills. So in the end I understand those things finally. Because of this time’s effort, I can write my travel blog by wordpress fortunately.

Challenge to be Web Developer

I tried to be web designer the first. But I heard web designer’s income is decreasing compare to before in Japan. Reversely web developer’s income and demand are increasing. So I learned programming language “Ruby” and “Ruby on Rails”. I concentrated to learn those skills for 2 month at the school (TechCamp) in Tokyo. I did my best to learn new skills, but I changed my mind. Working as a freelancer of Web developer is so nice lifestyle. But for me it’s not enough time , I wanted to travel around the world so I started my dream.

Decide to be Travel Blogger

I read some travel Blogger’s blog one day. Those were very fun. I thought I wanted to get income as a travel blogger or entrepreneur like them. Those are website that influenced me. EXPERT VAGABOND NOMADIC MATT CHRIS GUILLEBEAU One Step 4Ward The 4 Hour work week

Hope to be Drone Operator

I knew amazing drone one day. The name of that drone is “DJI Phantom4” This drone inspired me. So I got it. I flied in Japan, and some countries. I hope I’ll work as a drone operator in the future.

My SNS Accounts

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