Not a house but caravan ?! Great Airbnb house in Uvaly, Czech Republic.


Hi, I’m Koichi Tanaka (@traveltanaka) .

I experienced so amazing house by Airbnb.

It is not a house but caravan.

Caravan life was my dream, so I finally experienced it.

If you’re interested in caravan life or adventurous life, I recommend this place very much.

I show you my caravan life for 4 days.

What is an old scrap metal yard



caravan of Airbnb

An old scrap metal yard

This is caravan I stayed for 3 nights.

It is very amazing house.

It is not so big or wide, but very comfortable.

I visited here on July.

It was so hot in the afternoon, but it was a little cold in the night.

I’ll let you explore inside of the caravan.

Inside Caravan

inside caravan

desk & chair

This is picture from entrance area.

It is clean.

entrance area

entrance area

There are some items to stay.

desk, chair, kitchen, pot, wifi, and so on.



There are outlet, pot and mini e-stove.

So you can cook light foods and charge your smartphone or laptop.

You don’t need to worry because all necessary things you need is inside of the caravan.



This is bed to sleep.

It’s clean and comfortable.

You can adjust temperature by opening and closing windows around bed.



There are about 10 caravan and camping car in this forest area.

The right one is caravan you can stay.

The center is host’s house.

The left, blue one is that host is making 2nd caravan.

You can enjoy not only caravan to stay but wide area in this forest too.


forest area

You can communicate with other people who stay there.

It’s other world.


forest area of another side

There are so wide area.

Where is Caravan

This caravan is located in Uvaly.

Uvaly is about 30min from Prague by train.

It is much different atmosphere compare to Prague.

You can relax very much because there are few people and few building.


Uvaly station. quiet and few people


Who is host


He is host.

He lives in this camper.

He is so kind and fun guy.

He keeps dogs, goats, chickens.





You can hear a lot of fun stories and interesting topics about here.

Activity you can do in this forest area

There are some training items too.


bike machine


wood for Pushups lie down

I enjoyed in this forest area.

This is movie I took by myself.


The last

If you are interested in this caravan life.

Visit here when you travel in Czech Republic.

An old scrap metal yard

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