Hi, I’m Koichi Tanaka(@traveltanaka).

I joined a big event for travel bloggers around the world sponsored by big companies.

It was an amazing event !!

I”ll show you about this great event.


reataurant in Tagaytay

reataurant in Tagaytay

Lots of kinds of tour are prepared for travel bloggers and sponsors.

I joined one of them, Tagaytay tour.

Tagaytay city is located around the nature near Taal volcano.

It takes about 1 hour from Manila by bus.

In Tagaytay, we experienced

  • Bamboo museum
  • Tropical fruit
  • Jeepney factory
  • Art museum
  • Lunch at a good restaurant
  • Massage

When you join TBEX event, I recommend registering Pre-Tour.

You can explain a great day.


opening party

opening night party

Opening night party was held in The Blue Leaf Filipinas, Aseana City.

There were lots of entertainments.

Traditional Filipino foods, watching show, talking with a lot of TBEX members.



opening keynote

opening keynote

The Presenter was Evo Terra.

He is a travel blogger who run THE OPPORTUNISTIC TRAVELLERS.

He showcase about his travel by not only writing blog but also movie, podcast and so on.

He adivised us.

  • If you want to make a movie easily, you should use Magisto.
  • Direction of maximal interestingness
  • Make contents for readers who watch media not TV because current people watch media by using smart phone, tablet, and PC,compare to TV.
  • You should start Audio contents like a podcast because Audible market of Amazon.com is increasing now.


The presenter, Mike

The presenter, Mike

There were 5 sessions at the same time.
We can choose on of them.

  • How to Improve Your Architectual Photographs
  • How to Make a Living as a Video Travel Blogger
  • Writing Like a Human Not a Robot:SEO With Soul
  • Does Your Brand’s Content Inspire Travel Dreams?
  • TBEX for First Timers

I joined “How to Make a Living as a Video Travel Blogger”.

He is travel blogger who run mikesroadtrip.

He adivised us.

What video platform sholud you use.
What video editer should you use.

He adivised us about video making with reference to Youtube video of Casey, top Youtuber I like.


The presenter, Time Leffel

The presenter, Time Leffel

There were 6 sessions.

  • What’s the Story?Blogging beyond Top 10 Lists:How to Find Compelling Travel Content and Transform it into
  • Trend – Worthy Stories
  • Accomplishing Great Thing:Productivity Tip and Tricks for Bloggers
  • You Want Publicity?Use G+to Reach Millions
  • What’s the Plan:Conversation Research around Travel Consumers in Asia
  • Don’t Gamble your Money on Bloggers.Know What to Measure, and How to Measure, Success

I joined “Accomplishing Great Thing:Productivity Tip and Tricks for Bloggers”.

The Presenter was Tim Leffel, travel blogger who run Cheapest Destination blog.

He advised us.

  • You should start most important thing the first.
  • Use your time to make contents, editing photos and movie, making affiliate link.
  • Don’t open your e-mail box until you achieve.
  • Don’t use your time against SNS.
  • Turn off notification of SNS.
  • Place your smartphone in another room while working.
  • Do routing work without thinking anything
  • Be business owener from solo player.
  • Do outsourcing, for example you can order logo by $6.
  • Concentrate making your contents.


lunch time

lunch time

The lunch was buffet style.

We enjoyed philippino foods.

This is philippino poplular desert, Halo Halo.


drone session

drone session

After lunch afternoon session start.

There were 4 sessions.

  • To Drone or Not to Drone
  • Practical Ways to Improve your Affiliate Sales
  • 5 Tips to Boost your Facebook Presence
  • Travel Blogging Landscape-“Around Asia in 50 mins”

I joined “To Drone or Not to Drone”.

The presenter was travel blogger who run “”.

He expained us.

The market of drone photo and footage in the world will increase to $12.5 billion until 2021.

Drone market has a lot of chances but you have to know about risks(falling to human, regulation of each country).

There are some cases to be paid penalty fee in the case of uploading to Youtube after flying drone at forbidden area.

When you fly drone in anohter courtry, be carefull.

Check regulation and forbidden area in each country.


speed networking

speed networking

The time we travel bloggers and sponsors companies match.

We can appeal our blog to get special offer about affiliate program.

Lots of sponsers joined.

  • Turkish Airlines
  • Philippino Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • agoda
  • Skyscanner
  • Voyagin
  • WordPress.com
  • Bloggers Bridge

and so on.


2nd party

2nd party

Second night party was held at Raffles Makati.

Ralles Makati is luxury hotel.

We enjoyed drinking at 1st floor.




The presenter from agoda

The Presenter was executive (Officer?) of agoda, online travel booking company.

He explained about travel industry.

He said

Travel agency will be substituted by robot or AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Influence power of travel blogger and videographer, middle range of people who want to travel and travel agency will increase more.


hotel review session

hotel review session

  • Writing Expert Hotel Reviews:The Antidote to User Generated Content
  • How to Trend on Twitter
  • Authority and Social Proof:The Unspoken Twin Pillars of Blogging Success
  • Popular vs Successful:Crafting Campaings with Lasting Impact

There were 4 sessions.
We can choose on of them.

I Joined “Writing Expert Hotel Reviews:The Antidote to User Generated Content”.

The presenter adviced us

  • how to introduce about room and share spaces by video
  • You should take a photo the first after entering a room
  • Online booking site, agoda is match for affiliatte program
  • How to write a good title of article

One of her articles of hotel is this title.

10 Reason to Love the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

By the way, this hotel price is over $150.

When you want to feel rich in Marrakech, Morocco, try to stay here.

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

by agoda


turkish airlines session

turkish airlines session

There were 4 sessions.

  • Snapchat & More:How to Make Social Media Video Content Work for You
  • How to Monetize your Blog with Print on Demand
  • How To Build A Thriving Real Community Around Your Blog & Brand
  • Managing your Content Assets

I joined “Managing your Content Assets”.

The presenter was staff of Turkish Airlines.

He explained about video promotion.

This session was that I only watched many viedo.


lunch time

lunch time

Lunch of 2nd day was gorgeous.

There were a lot of traditional Filipino foods.

We enjoyed talking with other TBEX members while eating delicious foods.

From around the world, many kinds of travel bloggers and videographers joined it.


timelapse session

timelapse session

There were 4 sessions.

  • How to Create Eye-Catching Hyperlapse Videos Today Using your Smart Phone
  • How to Use Inbound Marketing Techniques to Grow your Audience
  • Challenges and Opportunities of Blogging in Asia/Pacific
  • Inbound Marketing for Travelers Visiting Friends and Family

I joined “How to Create Eye-Catching Hyperlapse Videos Today Using your Smart Phone”.

The presenter was travel blogger who run boboandchichi.

The presenter adivised us

  • The pocket tripod is good for travel blogger who want to take timelapse
  • How to take good timelapse movie

This is movie the presenter introduced.

Come Walk With Us from Scott Herder on Vimeo.

The trick to shoot such a moving image is to constantly maintain the distance to her.
You should keep at the same distance, and keep it fixed with both hands so as not to shake the smartphone (see picture above).

Try to use timelapse !!


speed networking

speed networking

There were matching time to conncet travel bloggers and sponsors.

There were a lot of booth of sponsor.


closing keynote

closing keynote

The presenter was Patricia Schulz.

She is author of book “1,000 Places To See Before You Die”.

She sell not only book but also callender.

That’s good idea to expand to another content too.


farewell party

farewell party

Farewell party was held in City of Dreams Manila.

The venue was gorgeous.

We enjoyed talking with other TBEX members while watching live music and eating good foods.

This photo is with TBEX members I talked during TBEX period.

They were all good men and female.


I knew about TBEX by TBS(Travel Blog Success).

If you’re interested in making travel blog, moneytising online business while traveling, I recommend TBS online course.

After learning about travel blog by this course, you can learn more detail at TBEX.


TBEX is not only for learning, but also you can enjoy very much.

Next TBES will be held in Yersarem, Israelu on March.
And Huntsubil in USA on May.

I’ll join TBEX in Huntsvil in USA on May.
If you join it, let’s meet up there!!

Or let’s meet up anywhere any countries because I’m wandering around the world now.

Thank you !!

(Arigatou! / ありがとう!)

TBEX:Travel Blogger EXchange